The Beauty of Sunrise

As previously discussed I love to hike. There’s so many fascinating aspects of nature just waiting to be discovered and explored. Sometimes those aspects of nature come from the sky above like on this magnificent morning. I’m thankful I was able to get a shot of this beautiful scene, it truly was a sunrise toContinue reading “The Beauty of Sunrise”

A Trip Around the World

I am pleased to announce and introduce a new segment that has come to the site. Biweekly to start, I will be featuring pictures that different ones all around the globe submit. The hope is that segment provides a little trip without even having to leave your home. So join me on this new segmentContinue reading “A Trip Around the World”

Waves of Clouds

The awe and beauty that is nature can come at anytime without warning, and that’s exactly what happened this photo. Though starting out like any ordinary evening, the sky quickly took shape to create this masterpiece of a sunset. The clouds like ripples of waves stretching across the sky, were illuminated with fiery colors creatingContinue reading “Waves of Clouds”

A Sunrise A Day

When it comes to nature photography, there aren’t too many categories more popular than that of sunsets. However, sunrises have become more and more favored by me. The combination of the quietness of dawn, fresh morning air, and the sun coming into view while painting the sky with vibrant colors, makes the moment very muchContinue reading “A Sunrise A Day”

Rain Refreshes

One of the many things I love about our Monsoon season here in Arizona is that the rain provides a much needed replenishment for the desert landscape and more. What was once discolored and dying is now vibrant and bursting with life, the air filled with absolute freshness, animals out enjoying the water puddles leftContinue reading “Rain Refreshes”

Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel

Most people who know me closely know about my love for these little ones. I affectionately refer to them as my youngins. Ground squirrels are well-adapted to desert life. They can stay active even on the hottest of days, although they do tend to limit their activity during the heat of the afternoon sun. They live undergroundContinue reading “Round-Tailed Ground Squirrel”

The Gift of Nature

Nature, so fascinating and unique  Open fields and tall peaks  Grass swaying from here to there  A gentle breeze flows through the air  Birds chirping in the oak trees  Bunnies scattering throughout all the leaves  Sunny days and starry nights  Nature truly is a beautiful sight  Swishing here and splashing there  Baby cubs with theirContinue reading “The Gift of Nature”