A Trip Up the Hill

Back in March I needed to get away for a bit so I took a trip up the hill to Lakeside, Arizona. The serenity I felt being completely surrounded in nature was exactly what I desired. A one minute walk from the house to be completely engulfed in trees. All the cares and worries of life simply melted away as if touched by fire. The only important thing in that moment was the beauty right around me, nature. If you’re ever in Arizona I highly recommended taking a trip up to Lakeside and experiencing a little slice of paradise.

Stormy Days

Here in Arizona we have Monsoon season which can get quite intense, and that’s exactly what happened on this day. It was quite the experience but the best part was the sunset that proceeded it. The sun peeked out from behind the clouds bringing hope of the calmer times ahead. Though the sky was covered in the darkness the sun pierced through in all it’s glory providing a light of hope in the west. Is there a lesson to be learned here? I think so. That lesson being no matter how hard times may get, how intense the storm may seem to be at times, there’s light at the end. And where there is light, darkness cannot dwell.

A Sky of Fire

This particular day was a very cloudy one and that’s exactly what made this sunset so special. The suns reflection danced off the clouds to create a sky that presented itself as if on fire. On this particular evening I had just finished a hike when the sky formed this work of art. What better way to end a day out in nature then with a beautiful goodbye from the sun, and that’s exactly what I got.

A Morning To Remember

When I woke up that day little did I know what treat I was in for. The hike started off like any other, so great. However it soon went from great to magnificent. With each passing moment the sky came together more and more to create a masterpiece of a moment. The hike became irrelevant at that very second. My mind was now focused on the gift of a beautiful morning. A gift provided by a glorious creator.

Sonoran Collared Lizard

While on early morning hike in the Pinal County area I stumbled across this beauty, the Sonoran Collard lizard! The Sonoran Collared lizard is an inhabitant of Sonoran Desert mountain ranges, including mountain-top semi-desert grasslands. These lizards prefer spending most of their time on and around rocky areas. These areas provide shelter from the sun and predators. Not only do they eat insects such as grasshoppers and crickets, but they also eat other lizards, including their own. An interesting fact about collared lizards is that they are one of the fastest lizards there is, and are able to run on their hind legs! Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s a link to a short video showcasing their amazing talent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmNczmBvOUU