The Gift of Nature

Nature, so fascinating and unique 

Open fields and tall peaks 

Grass swaying from here to there 

A gentle breeze flows through the air 

Birds chirping in the oak trees 

Bunnies scattering throughout all the leaves 

Sunny days and starry nights 

Nature truly is a beautiful sight 

Swishing here and splashing there 

Baby cubs with their mama bear 

Animals of all different shapes and sizes 

Little bugs with their many disguises 

Orchids, Tulips, Violets, Roses 

Being observed by baby dears with their sniffling noses 

The little squirrels out for a play 

Having fun each and every day 

Stars illuminating the night’s sky 

Far beyond earth, up so high 

Nature so amazing in all its parts 

Nature truly is a work of art 

Poem by joramiles

Published by joramiles

There's not much more precious in this world than nature.

8 thoughts on “The Gift of Nature

  1. The poem is so deep and puts the mind to instant transition of peace As well as a mental vision of Godly beauty. Nice piece of work. Brought my mind back down to earth🙌🏾

    Liked by 1 person

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